- My Visions & Emotional Responses 

Photography has many purposes, only one of them being the creation of fine art photographs. For the most part images can look pretty awesome over the internet. They don't truly become a photograph, until they are both printed and personally signed by the artist who captured the image. I consider digital photography to be an art form with three parts: 

  • Photography

  • Creative Imagination

  • Archival Printing

The experience of looking at a fine art print is very different from looking at an image on a screen, because prints have a richness to them that can never be recreated with the white light on a screen. A fine art print must be done on high quality paper that's chosen specifically for the type of print desired by the artist. These and other complex decisions allow for large, beautiful fine art prints that are full of rich details. I truly believe that photographs that are carefully produced in this way have a certain aura of romance. My vision of the final product guides my focus as I transform light into fine art photographic prints.