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What's the best way to place an order?

The easiest way is by visiting my online galleries and choosing an image and then a style or you can visit me at an art fair that I'm participating in.

What exactly is an Artist Proof (AP)? Do you offer sample prints of something I'm interested in?

Since each image has it's own unique number (1-46), an Artist Proof (AP) constitutes no more than nine percent of the 46 total prints and are reserved for my personal use as gifts, samples and charitable contributions. They are numbered A/P (? of 4) just beneath the image. So essentially, Artist Proof's are the first four printed images of any image and limited to 46 total.

There's only a total of four AP's available for each published image. So when they're gone, they're gone. This 5" x 7" image is printed on the same high quality fine art paper that's used with all of my work. Just below the printed A/P number, there's also a faint printed signature. . They're available through the online galleries in limited supply and have a $8.00 charge to help cover packaging and cost related to shipping. Click HERE to see samples and use this FORM to request an artist proof.

How are you pronouncing Lightscap3s?

It's pronounced Light - Scapes. Since I work with light, the word Lightscap3s is a play on the term Landscapes. So why the number 3? Because the word lightscapes was already a registered domain, I simply created my own version and registered Lightscap3s.com and FramedLightscap3s.com.

Are any of your images sold to stock agencies?

Yes, but no worries because these images are from an entirely different portfolio. Images I deem as stock do not become framed fine art prints, and images that are fine art prints are not also sold to stock agencies.

Why do you only offer 4 framed sizes? 

In working with galleries as well as clients like you, I’ve found that these four sizes fit well with almost all needs. This limited, but refined selection allows me to maintain a balance between high quality and keeping costs low. If you need a custom size, I'm happy to work with you on anything larger sizes and not wider than 44".

Do you offer pieces that are un-framed, but matted and mounted?

Yes, at art fairs and exhibitions. I also offer this same style for charity events. This style is called Modest, and it's a 13" x 15" mount using the same archival quality materials my framed pieces use, with a 8" x 10" image and my customary embossed Certificate of Authenticity (COA). From time to time other matted and mounted sizes will appear in my un-framed bin. 

Does your lifetime guarantee include a purchased un-framed piece that's matted and mounted?

Yes, but just to make sure we're on the same page - Click Here and review the information related to matted and mounted un-framed items.

What exactly does your Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) look like?

Click HERE to see a CoA sample.

How do I purchase an image you shared online on one of your social media accounts and it's not on your website?

Simply contact me HERE and submit any helpful information about the image or link to where you saw it.

How large can your photographs be printed?

Since I use a high resolution digital camera along with Epson SureColor P9000 and Epson Stylus Pro 3880 large format printers, most images can be printed up to 44" wide and can produce large, panoramic prints up to 529" in length. It all depends on the specific photograph and the presentation. 

Do you offer discounts or wholesale pricing?

No, not at this time - but I do love to work with non-profits and educational institutions.

How soon will my prints arrive?

If I'm not on the road and traveling, your investment should arrive within 14 business days from purchase date. As always, I take great pride in keeping you informed of it's progress at every stage of your order.

What exactly do you mean by archival printing?

All prints are archival, which means that I use only certified archival papers, inks, signature pen and other framing materials. The inks and papers I use are rated for longevity and permanence by Aadenburg Imaging and Archives to last decades without fading or color change when displayed under proper conditions (no direct UV light for extended periods of time). You can be sure your investment will remain in the same condition in which you received it for many generations.

Can you tell me what type of paper you are printing on?

I use three different fine art papers made by Canson Infinity. For me, the paper is a crucial component, and I choose them very carefully. I'm also mindful of how they either emphasize or complement what I've tried to convey in each image. So that's why I'm very happy to use a company with over 150 years of history in photography.

What exactly is a fine art print?

It's an accepted term used through out the industry to describe extremely high quality prints.

Where do you have your prints made and framed?

I do all of my own printing, matting and framing completely in house in my custom home studio.

Why isn't the custom box with puncture guard liners for framed pieces available at art fairs, galleries and exhibitions?

At this time, these Shipping Art Boxes are only for online purchases. However, high quality Gallery Pouch Bags are used for all framed pieces purchased at events.

Do you offer canvas prints?

No, not at this time.

Do you have your own gallery where I can visit and see your work in person?

I'm still working on it... stay tuned!

Tell me more about the framing glass you use?

This UV Anti-Reflective Glass Water ArtGlass, is the ultimate in art visibility and protection. It provides 92% UV protection with low-iron and no-tint. This museum quality artglass is an ultra clear framing glass that will protect your art and preserve the fine details of the work's texture and colors. It’s smooth surface allows for details to emerge unaltered, with a scratch resistant and easy to clean Artglass AR coating - care & cleaning instructions are here. Please Note: all items larger than 24" x 28" use a museum quality non-glare acrylic with 92% UV protection.

Why do you only offer one style of frame and color?

Each high quality print comes with a simple museum-quality frame so your photograph, not the frame, stand out. 


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