website featured on The Digital Photography Cafe Show - 100th episode

Each week I watch three different photography related podcasts, and this particular show that includes Trevor Current and Joseph Cristina is my favorite. No I'm not saying this just because they did a shout out about my website. But  if you have a passion for photography and enjoy good conversation related to the industry, tips and feedback than this is the show. I won't go into details about what and why their show is so different from the others, but I challenge you to check it out and compare it to what your currently viewing or listening to. However, the 100th show should not be the show you judge them on because the format was a little different than normal. So feel free to view past episodes - here's a link to their 100th episode and show notes - The video is also embedded below, so just click on it to for playback Once again, congrats on making 100 shows!