Art in the Bathroom. Good Idea? - #decor #tips

A lot of people like to hang fine art in their homes. Living rooms, hallways, any space where  they want to add detail or character. This can also include the bathroom. It needs decoration, too, right? Absolutely! But let’s take a minute to think it through and do it right.

Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of fine art prints, and bathrooms are full of it! It can cause mold and foxing (brown spots that appear crinkled on the paper), effectively ruining the piece. If you absolutely have to hang a fine art piece in your bathroom, there are some steps you can take to protect against the moisture.

9 Rounds

9 Rounds


  • Use the exhaust fan. Have it running during a shower or bath and leave it on for 15 minutes after you’re done

  • Use metal frames. Wood frames are subject to changes in temps so they will expand and contract which can not only damage the frame, but allow in moisture. For this reason alone, I always suggest you not hang an item purchased from me in a bathroom.

  • Circulate the air. Leave the door open whenever possible.

  • Choose art that is created using a high standard of archival-quality materials. These are less susceptible to the environment.

While these can help, it’s not a guarantee. the bathroom is not the place to hang pieces that are irreplaceable.