How To Organize All of Your Photos

With the new year upon us, many people will make a resolution to get organized and a common focus (pun intended) is photos. How many of us have shoeboxes/plastic containers/drawers full of moments we wanted to remember forever?

By taking this seemingly endless task and breaking it into smaller steps, you’ll be organized in no time...and have fun reminiscing over photos your forgot you had!

First, LOCATE - gather all photos from closets, under the bed, desk drawers...

Second, SEPARATE - think of categories: People, Year, Events, Travel, etc. Try to keep to a few high-level headers; having too many will lead to photos applying to multiple categories which will add too much complication.

Avoid placing into piles. Use an archival photo storage box for each category & place the photos as you go. Should you need to step away during the process, this will ensure you have a solid point you can step back into easily, whether it’s 2 hours or 2 weeks.

Third, EVALUATE - Before placing each photo into their box, take a good look. Blurry? Already have 2 copies? Already saved digitally? It’s ok to discard them, it’s all part of getting organized!



Optional steps:

SEPARATE some more - In each of the boxes, feel free to break them down into smaller categories. For example, if you have a box for “Holidays”, you may want to separate further either by year or by specific holiday.

DATE - Using an archival pen designed just for photos, label the back of photos with names, dates, locations, etc.

CONTEMPLATE - What’s next?

  • Consider placing photos in an album or using in a scrapbook. These can be great ways to display and share the memories you have collected.

  • Consider going digital. With everything stored this way, you always have a back up and they are safe from elements that can damage prints (temperature, moisture)

This may be a time consuming endeavor, but you will be SO glad you tackled it!

The Best #Protection Sleeve for your #MacBookPro with #Touchbar

It all started when I purchased the new late 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar on launch day. I needed a new carrying case/sleeve due to the new size, but quickly learned there wasn't anything available yet.  I've always purchased protective sleeves from Incase and I expected them to have something to fit the new MacBook Pro either at launch or fairly soon after. Well, fast forward two months after purchase and there’s still nothing released from Incase. I reached out to them twice on Twitter and they never replied. At this point, I decided to search for a replacement brand and product since my traveling dates were fast approaching and I needed something quickly to keep my MacBook Pro protected while carried in my Ajna Fstop Gear Backpack

This is when I came across a company called Mac-Case online and noticed something that appealed to me. I wasn't sure if it would work with the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, so I sent them a message via Twitter (@MacCasePortable) and they responded within a few hours. From there, they responded to two more of my concerns within hours. So I was off to place my order online and was excited to see upon checkout their option to use Apple Pay. It only makes sense right? How are you going to sell Mac accessories and not accept Apple Pay, the single most secured form of payment in the world?

The very next day, I received an email with shipping and tracking information for a fast USPS delivery. Impressed again! Arrival day. I was very surprised to see and feel such a quality product. The pictures on their website and the ones posted here do not give this protective sleeve it’s due justice. In my opinion, the quality of this protective sleeve exceeds anything else out there. The 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar fits into the sleeve very nicely. It's not a tight fit nor is it a snug fit, but it’s a comfortable fit. When I was told that it wasn't going to be a snug fit like I was used to having with protection sleeves from Incase, I was a little worried. There's very little movement inside the sleeve, and in fact, the comfortable fit allows for easy entry and removal of the MacBook. The padding and protective edge guard is simply wonderful and the cloth inside it Is very soft.

So if you are looking for an awesome protective sleeve to fit your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - look no further.

#HowTo Keep You and Your #Photography Gear Safe While #Traveling, #Camping and #Hiking

  • Get Insurance: if your able to get insurance - just do it. I have a policy that's $55.00 a month and covers $15,000 in gear away from home.
  • Purchase a Quality Backpack: lot of camera backpacks make it difficult for theft. For example, some open from the back, so you have to remove the bag in order gain access to your gear
  • Aside from protection from the rain, a waterproof cover can be a deterrent. With a cover pulled over the backpack, the pockets and zippers are not accessable. It would also help that the cover isn't branded with a name associated with photography gear.
  • If your not wanting to use a rain cover, you could maybe use small hooks or clips. This way you can clip together some of the zippers on your backpack. I use S-BINER® SLIDELOCK (see image above), which can be purchased from REI. My backpack is an Ajna made by Fstop.
  • To allow yourself to concentrate on your shot, and to not loose your gear. Simply wear your bag while shooting or safely place it under your tripod. Also, make sure everything is closed and zipped up.
  • Whenever your sitting at a restaurant, place the strap(s) of your bag underneath the leg of the chair. If you can also place the bag under the table - Great!
  • Do not leave your gear or bag in plain sight in your car. Just because your windows are tented does not mean equipment should be in plain sight. Broken windows on a rented car will mean huge loss in time and bad headache.

Your Special Invitation: #carmelIN library #art wall - #Artist of the Month

Special Invitation

You are cordially invited to Carmel Clay Public Library. Yours Truly is featured as June’s Artist of the Month, so I have some pieces on display and for purchase on their art wall. Thirty percent of each investment supports Friends of the Carmel Clay Public Library. So join me in supporting such a great cause, or just simply come by to check out the wonderful visuals and share your thoughts.

The library is located at 55 4th Ave SE Carmel, IN 46032, which is the Eastern end of the Carmel Arts and Design District.


  • Sunday 1:00 - 5:00
  • Monday thru Thursday 9:00 - 9:00
  • Friday 9:00 - 7:00
  • Saturday 9:00 - 5:00


  • June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016

Just How Good is American Coney Island's Coney Kit? - #detroit #food #tradition

As a native Detroiter (Rochester Hills, MI) who is now relocated to a different state, I look forward to each trip back home. And no trip is complete without a stop at American Coney Island. Ok, three or four stops. American Coney isn't just a place to get a coney or just another restaurant; it's a tradition, a Detroit icon. I walk in and memories flood back: my years at Wayne State University, midnight meals during decades of attending Techno Fest’s (a three day music event & home of Techno Music) in Hart Plaza, grabbing a coney & Vernors pop before a Tigers or Red Wings game, and now returning with my own family. And it's not just me. My last visit back, I sat next to a family that now lives in Pittsburgh, but they have to stop into American Coney whenever they're back in the city.

So, when I was offered the chance to try American Coney Island Coney Kit, I was a little skeptical. I could not see how they could package up their coneys, have me put it all together, and it taste like a legit American Coney. The box came by UPS, on dry ice. Inside were coneys, buns, sauce, & an onion. Getting excited, but still not sure how this was going to go. Then, I smelled the sauce heating up. It was definitely American Coney. Steamed the buns, chopped the onions, here we go. I took a bite and was instantly back in Detroit! I had the coney and a can of Vernor's; I was just missing the fries. I ate three that evening & went to bed looking forward to coneys for lunch the next day.

While having American Coney delivered to my house turned out to be delicious, it doesn't replace the real thing. I'll keep going back to the original because it's just not the food, it's the tradition, the memories. It's Detroit.

Thank you much American Coney, for offering this opportunity to me via Twitter and now I’m an in-house and online customer! I wish my tee shirt made the trip.

UPDATE: The awesome tee shirt arrived on May 25th

So what’s with this Vernors Pop?

Just prior to the onset of World War II, Vernors built a 230,000 sq. ft bottling plant and headquarters, encompassing an entire city block on Woodward Avenue, one block from the Detroit River in Downtown. In the late 1950s, when the City of Detroit proposed construction of Cobo Hall and other riverfront projects, a land-swap was negotiated, and Vernors moved its bottling plant and headquarters to the location just up Woodward Ave. to the old civic exhibition hall at 4501 Woodward Avenue, incorporating many of the popular features of the old plant. Tours of the Vernors plant old and new were major tourist attractions. This Woodward Avenue plant was later demolished and replaced by a parking structure on the campus of Wayne State University.