How to enjoy your art fair!

Tips for Enjoying Your Next Art Fair

Fairs are a great place to see a variety of art all in one place, enjoy a day solo or with family & friends, and find unique pieces for your home or office. Be careful, though…they can be overwhelming. A few simple tips can help keep it enjoyable!

  • Be weather-aware. Sunny & 90 degrees, be sure to bring water & sunscreen. Rain the previous 2 days, be prepared for mud if it’s in a grassy area. Being prepared for weather will take a lot of the stress off!
  • Do a practice lap. First, make a leisurely trip around the fair, taking a quick peek at all booths. Make a note of those you want to come back to on lap two. This will make sure you see all options before purchasing and also allow for a more relaxing experience since you won’t feel rushed.
  • Schedule down time. Check the fair schedule ahead of time and see where you may be able to take some breaks. Will there be live music? Food options? Definitely plan to stop and enjoy these added perks. You will want to be able to take the time and take in the art in the booths you enjoy. If you’re pushing through 30 booths in one hour, fatigue will set in. Take some breaks and enjoy some art in musical and culinary forms.
  • Take photos. Maybe an artist or piece catches your eye, but you’re not quite ready to buy. Take a quick photo of the tag with the piece name, as well as the artist card or statement. When you’re ready, you an easily reach out through their website/email. However, please make sure it's ok with the artist before capturing an image.
  • Engage the artists. Feel free to ask them about their materials, inspirations, background, etc...This is their passion, their craft, and most are eager to have these conversations. This is a great way to connect with the art, don’t be shy!
  • Traveling with picture frames. When you’re traveling with your own car, small and large frames can be packed similarly to how you would when it’s being shipped. I use these custom art boxes with puncture guard liners for online purchases or these GalleryPouches for items purchased at art fairs to guard against nicks and dents, and overall protection. When traveling with a picture frame, ensure that it’s secured inside the car so that it will not shift or bounce around. Anything that isn’t tied down can become a dangerous projectile in even a small fender bender.

See You There!

take a minute to visit me at some of the best juried art fairs in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. 

Art fairs are a fun and inspiring adventure, but the key is not to feel rushed. Plan ahead, do some scouting, take some breaks and you have the makings of a great day!