My First Camera Purchase in 2000 #Photography

Sony DSC-S30 Cyber-Shot

So this was my first camera. I still can't believe I paid $400 bucks for a camera that was 1.3 Mega Pixels - my iPhone 5 is 8 Mega Pixels. Heres a Crutchfield LINK that gives a general outline of it's specs and original cost - this is a BLOG LINK that includes a complete review. I loved this camera, but the only bad thing is - I don't have any images from this camera! I lost them all from a Sony Windows PC CRASH  - Yes, I once owned a PC and for the most part it was specifically for use with this camera. I might add that this was the was that last PC I ever owed and yes I did have an Apple iMac at the time.

At this point in my life I was and still is an Apple Fanboy, but during this time Sony had a special place in my heart at the time - The Playstation.

My Second camera purchase was five years later - Canon - I'm planning to blog about it later this summer.

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