Broad Ripple 2013 Art Fair and Visit to @BigBroBigSisIND Display

Note: all images were captured using an iPhone 5

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Yesterday I made way over to the Broad Ripple Art Fair in Broad Ripple, Indiana and had a wonderful time! The fair takes place in and around the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center. The area seemed pretty safe with visible public safety personnel located around the area.

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There were several areas to park with most lots charging $5.00 to $10.00, getting closer to the higher range if you parked a block or two from to the fair grounds. But here's the catch, if you didn't have a problem paying for a closer parking spot, the city streets got narrower and narrower. So you you don't have the patience to deal with two way traffic down very narrow streets, and you don't want and door dings or scrapes on your car - then park maybe like five or six blocks away from the fair grounds. 

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I met some wonderful artist from many different states, and saw some great photography from pretty good photographers. I only saw one exhibit from an Indianapolis photographer, and I think he worked for the Indianapolis Art Center.

I also had a awesome conversation with Ms. Holly at the Big Brothers Big Sisters exhibit  - I think she works at Indianapolis Art Center and is the point of contact for Big Brother Big Sister of Central indiana. Hats off to Ms. Holly - Good People!

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At the end of the day, this is an awesome two day event!