Indianapolis 5/18/2013 Dirty Girl Mud Run - What Did You Miss?

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Dirty Girl Mud Run - A Guy’s Perspective

Yesterday, I attended the Dirty Girl Mud Run here in Indianapolis. As you can tell from the name of the event, I was there as a spectator & not a participant. As a photographer, I enjoy watching and taking photos at these events due to the surroundings and activities. However, this event was very different from what I expected. And that’s a good thing.

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Let me start by saying this was a well-organized and well-staffed event. There were so many volunteers who helped pull off this event!  Everything from the course layout to the placement of staff really gave the impression that the runners’ safety was a top priority. 

I was also intrigued by the role reversal in the family atmosphere. I expected to see hundreds of females between the ages of 16-25. that’s it. however, it was great to see women of all ages participating & husbands/boyfriends waiting at the finish line. I saw men pushing strollers, kids holding signs of support...true support for the women in their lives.

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Of course the event wasn’t completely perfect. I was really disappointed in what I witnessed from the hired photographers. The ones I saw were posted at the most un-interesting sections of the course and took pictures from the comfort of their chairs. While walking from obstacle to obstacle, I was asked countless times by runners for me to take their picture! Unfortunately, I had to say “Sorry, I am not working for the event.” These women were participating in something fun and exciting and they will end up the same pictures/poses as everyone else. very disappointing. If the event is marketed as something spectacular/amazing/powerful, don’t forget that their photographic memories should hold the same message. Maybe consider having in place dynamic and mobile photographers or simply charge everyone less than they do now for the images they do provide!

At the end of the day, this is a great theme 5K to participate in - Click Here to see some  additional images on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

UPDATE: Their Facebook Page admin keeps deleting my posted links to the images I posted on my Facebook Page - That's Pretty Shady! Why are they keeping their fans from seeing the real world? Their pretty much only allowing images and links that appear to be from smartphone or point and shoots.